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Here is a spot where you can buy or sell R/C planes/parts or anything related to R/C. Send us an E-mail with all the information on what you would like to Sell. You can also e-mail us if your looking for something, and we will post it also.

I'm looking to buy a set of built-up floats - 60 size
and a pitts style muffler 40-60 size or a 60-90 size
Paul Marsh

This plane is in perfect condition, never been flown !  Comes complete with a thunder tiger .61 already installed, full set of radio gear (futaba) already installed. All you need is some fuel and she's ready for take-off. Engine has been started and dialed in, stored with after oil of course.

E-mail me for the particulars, asking $450 obo, for the whole thing. I've attached a picture of the beauty. I'd say there's at least $575 worth of parts and accesories in this plane.